Kennedy Space Center: Ranking the Top 9 Attractions

I rank the Top Attactions of the Kennedy Space Center with my son David – a 12 year old expert on all things space and rockets (this kid literally knows everything there is to know about the Apollo missions). We have a great time as we visit and see all of the exiting things at the Kennedy Space Center and we give you the insights, including ranking the Top 9 Attractions from best to worst, and we also give you two attractions that you may want to consider skipping if you don’t have the time.

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Where in Jerusalem was Jesus Crucified?

During a business visit to Israel, I take some time out to visit the Holy City of Jerusalem. I quickly learn there is an open debate as to Where at in Jerusalem was Jesus Crucified. Catholics, Protestants, and others have different beliefs and ideas – though it seems nobody knows for certain the location. I visit three possible sites and give me opinion on each. Turned out to be a fun little project and a good time exploring the city of Jerusalem and meeting people. Link:

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