Israel During COVID. Top 10 Sites with No Crowds!

During a recent visit to Israel with my father, we get lucky as their are NO CROWDS during our visit to the most famous holy sites in the country. Israel briefly opened to foreigners in November 2021, before closing again in December due to the Omicron variant. This unique look shows famous holy sites that are typically swarming with tourists – except this time, we’ve got the place almost entirely to ourselves.

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Where in Jerusalem was Jesus Crucified?

During a business visit to Israel, I take some time out to visit the Holy City of Jerusalem. I quickly learn there is an open debate as to Where at in Jerusalem was Jesus Crucified. Catholics, Protestants, and others have different beliefs and ideas – though it seems nobody knows for certain the location. I visit three possible sites and give me opinion on each. Turned out to be a fun little project and a good time exploring the city of Jerusalem and meeting people. Link:

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