Eating Durian Fruit for the First Time

It’s the world’s most controversial fruit – banned in some places (such as the Singapore subway system). However, it’s also a delicacy of sorts, prized for it’s unique texture and rich flavor. In this video I try eating durian fruit for the first time – and give you a review of this unique food – found in SouthEast Asia.

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Top of the KingPower Maha Nakhon in Bangkok

It’s the tallest rooftop in Bangkok, and one of the most unique skyscrapers, not just in SE Asia, but anywhere in the world. This contemporary building caught my eye a few years ago while it was under construction. In this video, I go to the top of the KingPower Maha Nakhon in Bangkok and take in some of stellar views of the bustling Bangkok during the sunset hour. Video Link:

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What’s for Breakfast in Bangkok? อาหารเช้าในกรุงเทพคืออะไร

I roam the streets in Bangkok, Thailand in search for some delicious street food for breakfast during a recent visit. ฉันเดินเตร่ไปตามท้องถนนในกรุงเทพประเทศไทยเพื่อค้นหาอาหารริมทางที่อร่อยสำหรับมื้อเช้าในระหว่างการเยี่ยม Video Link:

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