2 Movies to Avoid on the Airplane

One advantage of a long haul flight is it provides a chance to catch up on some of the latest and greatest movies. These days virtually every carrier offers an In Flight Entertainment (IFE) system build into the seat-backs of their aircraft that run the international routes. While my preferred method of burning time is not to binge watch multiple movies (look for an upcoming post on tips for long haul flights) – I will usually watch at least one flick when crossing the pond. In the not-so-distant past all passengers on the plane watched one movie together.

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My Mantra

I travel the world for work… I explore the world for fun. My job takes me just about everywhere in the world. I’m the VP of Sales and Marketing for a technology company (we sell crane simulators and other high-end simulator systems). We have clients on 5 continents and I keep in touch with colleagues, partners, clients and friends all across the globe. I travel about 50% of the time and you’ll find me in places like New York City, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro (and a whole lot of places in between) usually wearing my blue Bluffworks® Blazer..

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